First Aid Course 2018

PDMSInc First Aid 2018 Refresher

PDMSInc do a First Aid Course

Members of Parramatta District Mens Shed successfully completed the Provide First Aid HLTAID003 course delivered through the Michael Hughes Foundation (MHF).

Our course presenter Kevin McSweeney instructed 14 PDMSInc members and 1 non member (through MHF) in the art of first aid. Kevin’s style was relaxed with a lot of personal experiences weaved into the instruction. This provided some very good context as to why First Aid is such an essential component for first responders / “good Samaritans” It also highlighted the need for these skills in all Mens Sheds. The course include CPR and AED (Defibrillators).

Completing paperwork at start


                                  We got to practice everything as the course developed ……

Rolling injured on their side

CPR practice …. really exhausting!!!!

Practice makes for quality








We even had time for a short lunch break ….. and did some of us need that …. our participants were all surprised at how much energy a 2 minute CPR practice involves.

Lunch Break after an EXHAUSTING first session!!!!

After lunch our participants were introduced to other First Aid activity, including what to do in case of snake and insect bites, scalding and electrical shocks. Of course then came the mandatory use of bandages and slings for immobilizing fractured limbs …… some of the participants really took advantage of this session to have a LOT of fun and some joking around!!!!!!

How to tie the President in knots

Now try and work on the Lathe…..

now it’s your turn …..

told you not to fool around …..

Now we are getting serious … Right???










A huge THANK YOU to Kevin McSweeney and the Michael Hughes Foundation for running a great course …