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Always something to do at our shed

Always upgrading and installing Machinery
Some of our Maintenance team

You can always see something going on at our shed …. either new / upgraded equipment being installed ….. OR

Using leverage not muscle

Making stuff for the shed’s clients or just for themselves …… OR

Just having FUN cooking chestnuts on a cold winters day and enjoying good “Blokes Humour” and friendship ……





invites you to attend our Bi-annual

Parking Attendants


SUNDAY 4th November

from 10am to 4pm Building 23,

No 1 Fleet Street North Parramatta.

Hand Crafted
Goodies Galore for Sale

Something for Everyone

This Year in collaboration with

Parramatta Foundation Day



  Getting there


Registered Charity

Parramatta District Men’s Shed now a REGISTERED CHARITY

In May 2018,  the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) approved registration of PDMSInc as a Charity .

The ACNC notes that “Charities play an essential role in the Australian community and are entitled to a range of benefits and taxation concessions because of their contribution to the public good.”

The registration of PDMS as a Charity recognises its role in the Parramatta Community and its contribution to the “Public good”.

PDMS Hon. Secretary, Rob Colless commented:

“The achievement of charity status very much aligns with our Shed’s mission relating to Men’s health. It is another major step in forming an organisation that will continue to serve the local community for many years to come. It also helps to raise awarenes of the unique role of our Men’s shed in the community”

“A very big thank you to the Acre Consulting team who worked on our submission for registration and dealing directly with ACNC on our behalf.

This was quite a big project for PDMS and included changing our Constitution to meet ACNC’s registration requirements.

Being a registered charity reinforces public trust and confidence in PDMS and supports our fundraising work.”

Acre Consulting has partnered with PDMS since its formation in 2012 and has advised on Strategic and Business Planning processes and implementation, as well as advising the PDMS Board on specific projects.


National Heritage Week

National Heritage Week …..

PDMSInc will have our shed open for this event on

SATURDAY 19th May 2018

No 1 Fleet Street,

North Parramatta

We invite you to join us for a rare opportunity to learn about the history of the Parramatta North Heritage Precinct.

On Saturday, 19 May, there will be tours of the grounds throughout the day, and an opportunity to peek inside some of the heritage buildings that are not normally open to the public. Heritage and archaeology specialists will be on hand, and there will be displays of information, as well as historic images and videos.

What’s on


Meg and Tom Keneally about writing “The Female Factory”.

Historian Dr Terry Smith, “From Female Factory to Public Asylum”.

Peek inside buildings and learn about the recent repair works.

See artefacts discovered during recent archaeological investigations.

Immerse yourself in the hidden history of Parramatta Girls Home with a 3D virtual reality experience


Take a tour of Parramatta Gaol led by Deerubbin Local Aboriginal Land Council – $15 per person, tickets available HERE

Enjoy free guided tours of the grounds including:

The former Parramatta Female Factory and Lunatic Asylum.

Norma Parker Centre (former Orphanage / Parramatta Industrial School for Girls).

The native grey headed flying fox colony.

Entry to the heritage hub, talks, displays and tours of the grounds are free so bring the kids and enjoy a picnic. Snacks and drinks will also be available to purchase.CLICK HERE for further information or call 1800 256 330



First Aid Course 2018

  PDMSInc First Aid 2018 Refresher

PDMSInc do a First Aid Course

Members of Parramatta District Mens Shed successfully completed the Provide First Aid HLTAID003 course delivered through the Michael Hughes Foundation (MHF).

Our course presenter Kevin McSweeney instructed 14 PDMSInc members and 1 non member (through MHF) in the art of first aid. Kevin’s style was relaxed with a lot of personal experiences weaved into the instruction. This provided some very good context as to why First Aid is such an essential component for first responders / “good Samaritans” It also highlighted the need for these skills in all Mens Sheds. The course include CPR and AED (Defibrillators).

  Completing paperwork at start

                                  We got to practice everything as the course developed ……

  Rolling injured on their side

  CPR practice …. really exhausting!!!!

  Practice makes for quality


After lunch our participants were introduced to other First Aid activity, including what to do in case of snake and insect bites, scalding and electrical shocks. Of course then came the mandatory use of bandages and slings for immobilizing fractured limbs …… some of the participants really took advantage of this session to have a LOT of fun and some joking around!!!!!!

  now it’s your turn …..

  told you not to fool around…..

  Now we are getting serious … Right???


A huge THANK YOU to Kevin McSweeney and the Michael Hughes Foundation for running a great course …



Men Care Too

Men Care Too …. new website just launched ….

The caring experience and perspective is often different for men. We generally find it difficult to ask for help and it is hard finding somewhere to fit in as a man with caring responsibilities. 
The Men Care Too website is for Sons, Brothers, Fathers, Uncles, Husbands, Neighbours and Mates. They are all helping someone they care about who may have a disability, mental illness, chronic condition, terminal illness, alcohol or other drug issue or who are aged. 
Men Care Too is also a reminder for service providers, community groups, organisations and employers to include men in conversations about informal, unpaid caring roles.
Men Care Too has three focus areas – Awareness, Wellbeing and Engagement which you can read more about here.

Through sharing of relevant information, links and videos along with regular blog posts, Men Care Too will increase awareness and recognition of men in unpaid, informal caring roles. 

Men Care Too Monday features news and updates about men in the caring role, delivered free every week.  Subscribe here.

Please share this simple message Men Care Too and help show the 1.2 million Australian men in caring roles that they matter.

Visit and connect on Twitter and Facebook

Heritage Skills Initiative

PDSMInc wins grant for pilot Heritage Skills Initiative

  Some of the shed volunteers ready to learn

PdmsInc has been successful in winning some grant monies from Parramatta City Council (Community capacity building) for the development of a pilot program to develop heritage skill sets required in the Parramatta North Urban Transformation project area.

The executive of PDMSInc realised that here is a massive skills shortage for heritage restoration and in particular for brick pointing and sash window repair.

Over several months of meetings and discussions we are now well advanced in forming a collaboration with TAFE, Parramatta Skills Exchange to develop a program of providing initial training of local youth in these skills.

The concept is that TAFE will source the youth and provide education in on-site safety and basic tool use. This training will be nationally accredited so the youth actually walk away with some skill sets to make them more employable.

PDMSInc will then work in a mentor role with these youth to provide them with very basic skills in brick pointing and sash

  Some of the tools and specialised equipment

window repair.

So our men met on Tuesday 4th July with Mr Donald Elsmore (Heritage Architect and convenor of the Australasia Chapter for the Association for Preservation Technology International (APT)) for the first installment of getting our volunteers ready as mentors and trainers in the basics of heritage brick pointing and sash window repair.


Donald provided our members with a very detailed and interesting history of lime used as cement and why it is so important to use original techniques in modern day repair work of heritage buidlings. All of our volunteers also looked on as Donald showed how lime is prepared for use as mortar and we then examined a small section of brick wall to see first hand the deterioration and type of repair needed.

Our shed is getting close to completing a pilot program with TAFE and PSE with our first focus on providing some community based enlightenment sessions on the importance of heritage repair.


THANK YOU PCC for enabling our shed to start such important community work.




Chicken Coup DELIVERED


  Delivery to Courtlands of chicken coup

Courtlands Retirement Village contains a wing for Dementia patients, So as part of their care, staff at Courtlands decided to see how a Chicken Coup would work as an activity.

Courtlands approached our shed to build a custom coup. A couple of our men decide it would be a great challenge …. one of the men having never built anything like this previously. So after some plan drawing and minor changes from Courtlands’ “Sherene Noble” the project started.

After several months of steady work and some head scratching the men finished the coup to the absolute delight of Sherene …..

  Final resting place

Patients can view from their lounge area

  Patients can see the coup from the lounge area








Courtlands are so excited with their new chicken coup and will be introducing chickens to their new home quickly.

ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL outcome thanks to wonderful group of volunteers having fun!!!!!



ANZAC DAY memorial crosses delivered

  Anzac day white crosses

ANZAC DAY Crosses delivered

Our shed was approached to construct approximately 20 white crosses. These were to then be individually engraved with the veteran’s name. The veteran was a Parramatta citizen.

The crosses had to be of specific dimensions and the crossbar had to be made so it could be engraved and then re-assembled.

This project was done in record time …. we had about two weeks notice from concept to delivery …..