“Garden Box for Sorrel Lane, North Parramatta”

  LING’s Garden toolBox

Garden Box for Sorrel Lane Parramatta

As part of the close working relationship with Parramatta City Council and the UPCYCLE project, our shed was requested to make a Garden Box for the Sorrel Lane community garden.

The brief was that it had to be constructed from recycled materials. It had to be lockable and secured in concrete footings for the storage of garden tools.

Our inventive men set to work gathering old hardwood fences and surplus timbers from patios. They constructed the box and then delivered it to site.

  Garden Box for Sorrel Lane community garden

Locks were sourced and fitted. The timber was finished with weatherproofing varnish

and sanded and cleaned to make sure there were no exposed corners or items that could cause an injury by way of scratches on the like.

  Attaching the lock


On site holes were dug and the metal legs cemented in making sure that it will never be moved or removed form the site easily.