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Activity Center

Activity Center

Our shed was approached to make an activity center for a family with a child of special needs. This child requires stimulation and interaction in ways that are difficult without Assistance.

One of our members took this on and came up with this amazing CREATIVE concept and design …..

Activity Centre


Special order
Special order

Our shed received a very special and urgent request from a very generous community member. She wanted 20 nesting boxes to give to a friend in the recently fire affected area. This was her gift and way of showing respect for that local community.

Our members grabbed this with glee and joy, started work immediately. They followed the design and cut layouts for a Ring Tail Possum and Micro Bat nesting boxes. We devised the most efficient and minimal wastage cut patterns from sheets of 15mm Marine Plywood ….

This project was delivered in less then a month. Our new shed friends Alicia and Julie were surprised and overwhelmed with the quality and speed ny which our talented team delivered.

Files are here: 1. Ring tail possum box; 2. Ringtail cutting sheet; 3. Microbat nesting box; 4. Micro bat cutting sheet.

Team who did the work
Handover to very pleased new friends of the shed Alicia and Julie


AGM Board elections and Sameer Pandey 2019

On Saturday 7th September our shed held it’s AGM. IT was well attended by membership and the full Board of 7 was elected.

Our shed then held it’s annual post AGM chin wag and “Party” where we discussed what was good, what was not so good and what new initiatives we could look at going forward.

Also in Attendance was Sameer Pandey Councillor for parramatta ward City of Parramatta Council. Sameer kindly officiated the election of Board Members.

Delivery of two STREET LIBRARIES:

Dundas Public School Street Library

Dundas Public School and Carabella day care centre are now the proud owners of Street Libraries built by Parramatta District Men’s Shed.

Our Men’s shed was approached with a request to build Street Libraries for these two organisation …. they both approached our shed separately. We were able to meet their needs through purchase of marine grade plywood. The design came from one of our members who has a street library themselves and so the design we knew would work.

In the case of Carabella Day care Centre the Library was installed by their handyman on Friday and on Monday it was officially launched …. by Tuesday it was “Chocker Block” with donated books …. How excited were they!!!!!

Carabella Day Care street library

Always something to do at our shed

Always upgrading and installing Machinery
Some of our Maintenance team

You can always see something going on at our shed …. either new / upgraded equipment being installed ….. OR

Using leverage not muscle

Making stuff for the shed’s clients or just for themselves …… OR

Just having FUN cooking chestnuts on a cold winters day and enjoying good “Blokes Humour” and friendship ……


VISY Testimonial

Good morning Rob,

I wanted to extend thanks for the lovely crafted pen I received from Parramatta District Men’s Shed this morning via Iain Harris.

It is such a thoughtful gift and one I will certainly get a lot of use out of.

Please also extend a personal thank you to Frank who hand crafted this.

Kind Regards,

Visy – Executive Assistant