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Bespoke CLOCK from BURL

A keen wood turner in our shed KEN, saw this piece of burl and thought this would make a great bowl …
So off he went and cleaned it up … got it something near round and then REALISED this is not going to be a bowl it has holes in it ……
So he went home and had sleepless nights thinking what can I do ???? and the an idea !!!!
And so was born this beautiful UNIQUE Clock …..

WE HAVE TALENT IN OUR SHED ……. even if they DON’T know what they are making???????

PDMSInc delivers to EUGOWRA

One of the PDMSInc members knew a contact at Eugowra Men’s Shed so we delivered some surplus to us goodies for our fellow shedders

….. here’s the response …..

“David, the Eugowra Mens Shed President was very surprised at the variety and quantity on the tools our Shed provided.

They have just received a selection of new electrical machines however their hand tools have not been renewed.

David was overwhelmed by tools we delivered.

Eugowra MS are currently working out of a burrowed Shed and are looking forward to new premises shortly.”

WELL DONE PDMSInc … special thanks to the guys who helped load the trailer and car and to Peter for driving to Eugowra ….


PDMSInc visit Westmead Institute for Medical Rearch

On Wednesday 19th April our shed members and partners / friends were invited to s special tour of the WESTMEAD INSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL RESEARCH by one our newest and treasured members Dr Thomas TU.

What a great day …. inaugural Director and highly awarded Professor Tony Cunningham gave a presentation on the history the institute and also went in to some riveting detail on the shingles virus and vaccine being worked on at the institute.

We had a tour of some of the facility with presentation and showings of equipment. There are so many highly educated, talented and enthusiastic people in this team.

We learnt a whole bunch of new words (like Flow Cytometry, Genomics, clean labs, wet labs …..) we’ll never remember half of these it’s like a whole new language.

We also saw one of the next generation Cytometry machines (WIMR being one of 5 in the world to have one)… so new no one really knows what it can do, but are rapidly finding amazing uses …. This machine can photograph 50,000 cells for up to 50 different “markers” per second ….. REVOLUTIONARY.

we would love to see you visit our shed and see our technology …. a bit more basic then yours !!!!!

HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE AT WIMR for such a professional and well organised tour ….


Tiles in a Frame

Tiles in a Frame

Our shed were approached by NEXT SENSE asking if we could frame 13 individual tiles that children had created.
Our men set to work immediately and produced the above wall hanging frame, complete with French Cleat on the back to hang the frame.
Our men were so excited to see the finished product and realised that some of the tiles also had Braille on them ……


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