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Special order
Special order

Our shed received a very special and urgent request from a very generous community member. She wanted 20 nesting boxes to give to a friend in the recently fire affected area. This was her gift and way of showing respect for that local community.

Our members grabbed this with glee and joy, started work immediately. They followed the design and cut layouts for a Ring Tail Possum and Micro Bat nesting boxes. We devised the most efficient and minimal wastage cut patterns from sheets of 15mm Marine Plywood ….

This project was delivered in less then a month. Our new shed friends Alicia and Julie were surprised and overwhelmed with the quality and speed ny which our talented team delivered.

Files are here: 1. Ring tail possum box; 2. Ringtail cutting sheet; 3. Microbat nesting box; 4. Micro bat cutting sheet.

Team who did the work
Handover to very pleased new friends of the shed Alicia and Julie