Parramatta District Men’s Shed Inc is a part of the Men’s Shed Movement and the Australian Men’s Shed Association.

The Men’s Shed movement started off as a health initiative, a place where a man can go and do things he’s been doing all his life in the company of other like-minded men. Over time, the backyard has reduced, and with that a man’s shed is becoming more and more of a rarity. The Parramatta District Men’s Shed provides a place for a man to have a shed, filled with valuable tools and resources, as well as a place for him to socialise.

The Parramatta District Men’s Shed is filled with plenty of modern metal and woodworking equipment, much of which has been generously funded through grants from the government and other community organisations. Whether you’re interested in metalwork, woodwork or gardening, the Parramatta District Men’s Shed is the place for you.

NSW Parliament Presentation 10-05-2022


Radio interviews from Alive 90.5

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If you’re interested in signing up as a member of the Parramatta District Men’s Shed, you can download the Application For Membership form here. If you have any questions about membership of Parramatta District Men’s Shed Inc, please get in contact with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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