June 2017

Chicken Coup DELIVERED


  Delivery to Courtlands of chicken coup

Courtlands Retirement Village contains a wing for Dementia patients, So as part of their care, staff at Courtlands decided to see how a Chicken Coup would work as an activity.

Courtlands approached our shed to build a custom coup. A couple of our men decide it would be a great challenge …. one of the men having never built anything like this previously. So after some plan drawing and minor changes from Courtlands’ “Sherene Noble” the project started.

After several months of steady work and some head scratching the men finished the coup to the absolute delight of Sherene …..

  Final resting place

Patients can view from their lounge area

  Patients can see the coup from the lounge area








Courtlands are so excited with their new chicken coup and will be introducing chickens to their new home quickly.

ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL outcome thanks to wonderful group of volunteers having fun!!!!!



ANZAC DAY memorial crosses delivered

  Anzac day white crosses

ANZAC DAY Crosses delivered

Our shed was approached to construct approximately 20 white crosses. These were to then be individually engraved with the veteran’s name. The veteran was a Parramatta citizen.

The crosses had to be of specific dimensions and the crossbar had to be made so it could be engraved and then re-assembled.

This project was done in record time …. we had about two weeks notice from concept to delivery …..





“Garden Box for Sorrel Lane, North Parramatta”

  LING’s Garden toolBox

Garden Box for Sorrel Lane Parramatta

As part of the close working relationship with Parramatta City Council and the UPCYCLE project, our shed was requested to make a Garden Box for the Sorrel Lane community garden.

The brief was that it had to be constructed from recycled materials. It had to be lockable and secured in concrete footings for the storage of garden tools.

Our inventive men set to work gathering old hardwood fences and surplus timbers from patios. They constructed the box and then delivered it to site.

  Garden Box for Sorrel Lane community garden

Locks were sourced and fitted. The timber was finished with weatherproofing varnish

and sanded and cleaned to make sure there were no exposed corners or items that could cause an injury by way of scratches on the like.

  Attaching the lock


On site holes were dug and the metal legs cemented in making sure that it will never be moved or removed form the site easily.








PDMSInc delivers new Honour Board

PDMSInc delivers new Honour Board

Parramatta District Men’s Shed was commissioned by Parramatta Lion’s Club to build their new Honour Board.

It took some twelve months to complete the project because of the detailed and meticulous work involved.

  Honour Board Installed




  Handover to the Lion’s Club




PDMSInc handed over the Honour Board at our 2016 Open day where it was proudly received by the Lion’s Club.



Lion’s Club Honour Board

Proud creator of Lion’s Honour Board

Lion’s Club Honour Board

Parramatta Lion’s club commissioned Parramatta District Men’s shed (PDMSInc) to build an honour Board that would look very similar to their existing Honour Board. The existing Board was almost full.

After some review of the requirements our shed identified on of members who had considerable skills at this type of project …. although it was may years since he had completed such work. With heart in mouth a quote was prepared and subsequently accepted by the Lion’s club ….. so the work started with many restless nights spent by our expert  ….. worrying if he could really do this. Our executive had great faith in our shed members ability and encouraged him to relax and build it ….

Framework begins

Accuracy was so important in this project with some very fine joint work involved. Our shed expert spent many hours practicing his joinery before the final cut …… He also built some “jigs” to help with the detailed routing required to create fluting in the pillars of the frame.

Detailed flutes and joinery



Once the frame was completed to satisfaction the infill panels had to be meticulously fitted ….. this required a great deal of patience and precision cutting …. this is where the shed “Festool” equipment came to the forefront. Vertical alignment of the infill panel patterns was also critical.

Infill panels

Alignment of in fill panels

Next was the final sanding and preparation for finishing …. this took many hours of careful hand sanding and finishing in as dust free an environment possible. Several coats of the finishing had to be applied to obtain the professional finish required.


Final Product

AND THEN AFTER ALMOST 12 MONTHS of part time work the final product was PROUDLY completed

Final Product and It’s very proud CREATOR

OUR SHED HAS SOME VERY TALENTED MEMBERS, and they love passing on their knowledge and helping other members improve their skills.

Geoff LEE visits our shed

Geoff LEE (MP) visit

Geoff LEE (MP for Parramatta) VISITS OUR SHED  to take delivery of hand made pens on 28th November 2016

One of shed members (Frank Zelasko) has become an avid pen maker and has perfected the art to a standard where our Local MP ordered several of these boxed pens as momento’s. The honourable Mr Lee intends to give these pens as gifts on his upcoming visit overseas.

Our avid Pen maker FRANK.

One of the key factors that led to this purchase was the fact that Frank has included in each pen set a history detailing where the timber came from and the type of timber it is …. each pen is unique in it’s history and timber type.

Similar pen sets are now also available at the Parramatta Heritage and Tourism center, and of course from our shed.