October 2016

Delivering Bench seats Potting tables

PDMSInc DELIVERS on up-cycle project:

Over the last few weeks PDMSInc has delivered 13 up-cycle products to local schools.

Parramatta City Council (PCC) and Parramatta District Men’s Shed Inc (PDMSInc) have jointly worked on a project to up-cycle hardwood fencing and other timbers that were destined for the rubbish tip and LANDFILL. Our members made a series of bench seats, potting tables and a Mud-pie kitchen all from the above collected timbers.

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Below are some of the schools we delivered product too and their reply ……..


Arthur Phillip High School


North Parramatta


Darcy Road Public School


Rydalmere Public School



St Paul the Apostle



Yale Street Public School



Rosehill Public School “Thank so much for the seat. I was disappointed that I couldn’t get the time off work to be there and thank you personally. Looking forward to seeing it out in our gardens. If you can pass on our thanks to the men that built it.”


Oatlands Public School “Thanks again for coming out to the school today and for the beautiful bench that you made for us! We really appreciate it. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there, I was working today. Here’s a couple more photos that Julie sent me this afternoon. Kind regards Liz Moore”

Local Schools receive up-cycled bench seats

Pendle Hill School










Guildford School

THANK YOU to all our members involved in this very worthwhile project ….. and a special “shout-out” the Environment team at PCC

PDMSInc and PCC up-cycle project

It all starts here ….

Parramatta City Council (PCC) and Parramatta District Men’s Shed Inc. (PDMSInc) join forces to reduce LANDFILL:

Roadside collections

Roadside collections


Hard wood fencing – from local fencing contractors

PCC up-cycle project

PCC asked our shed if we would like to be involved in an environmental project to help Parramatta and prevent some landfill …. the initial plan was for Our shed, on council roadside collection days, to pick up usable re-recyclable wood and metal.

After several sessions of roadside collection it became evident that there was not a lot of material to collect …. some of the locals were beating us to it ….. so we made arrangements with some of the local fencing contractors to deliver to our shed old hardwood palings destined for the tip. So a benefit to the fencing contractor and to our project.

During the PDMSInc collection periods PCC discovered that Primary schools within the LGA were looking for garden type seating and potting benches for their garden areas.

So PDMSInc member Robert McKenzie went through a detailed design and approval phase with PCC to come up with the final products …. bench seats, potting table and mudpie kitchen. Robert made a proto-type and refined it once or twice to end up with FINAL PRODUCTS (get the plans for  potting-bench-final-design,   pdms-up-cycling-design-documents-garden-box-and-others ) HERE


Creating Bench seat frame


Stabilising Potting Bench


Mud-Pie Kitchen








Twelve months down the track from the start of the idea the products were delivered to 13 schools in the local area ….

pcc-upcycle-project-11 pcc-upcycle-project-12

Final product ready for delivery

Final product ready for delivery

Here are some of the happy recipients  ……. (to see all the schools visit our NEWS page)


Pendle Hill Primary School


Rydalmere Public School


Oatlands Public School

HMAS Parramatta standards

  Standards ready for delivery

HMAS Parramatta standards ….

Each standard to depict the life of each of the ships, was requested by Dave Shakespeare.

The idea was that 4 local Schools would join a parade for the remembrance ceremony of the sinking of HMAS Parramatta 11.

HMAS Parramatta Shields template

HMAS Parramatta Standard template


So our shed hit the action button, with one of our members (Torrie) coming up with a design and making a template.

Standard copying by router

Standard copying by router

One of our other members (Rob) then proceeded to copy the template by cutting out  two faces and an insert between the faces. This allowed for a laminated sheet to be slipped inside the standard, thus allowing the standard to used for any occasion by changing the insert.

HMAS Parramatta Shields-3



Using laminated printed sheet for insert

Using laminated printed sheet for insert


Finished product

Finished product



Complete with Bamboo handles and a template to help position and cut the inserts for future re-use of the standard.




Shields ready for delivery

Shields ready for delivery




Hand over to Dave Shakespeare and one of our members (John Cole who also served duty on one of the HMAS Parramatta’s) what a coincidence and what fun to see the smiles of appreciation  …..