Some of our Members

New member inquiries / visitors are now welcome.
DO NOT come unless you can prove you have up to date vaccinations (at least double)
and you are willing to abide by our COVID19 rules whilst at the shed.
IF IN DOUBT PLEASE call first on (02) 9683 5518

Parramatta District Men’s Shed Inc is a non-profit organisation setup as part of the Men’s Shed movement – a movement to gain awareness of men’s health issues, and to provide a place for men to meet with other men.

VISION Statement:

“To improve men’s health and well-being in Parramatta”

If you wish to become a member then please complete the APPLICATION form HERE … and email the completed form to parramattadms@gmail.com to be placed on our waiting list

The Parramatta District shed provides a place for men (any age from 18 +)  to meet, and a place for men without a shed to tinker with tools with our vast array of gardening, metal and wood-working tools and machinery.

The men’s shed is a place:

  • To socialize
  • To learn new skills
  • To hone the skills you have
  • To share good company
  • To use great tools
  • To try new hobbies
  • To work on your own projects
  • To work on Shed projects
  • To contribute to the community
  • To be productive
  • To just hang-out
  • To have fun and enjoy yourself

In the Parramatta District Men’s Shed, you may see men making new things, fixing old things, or sharing their skills and knowledge with others. But most importantly, you’ll find an atmosphere of old-fashioned mateship among the members. The shed is a very relaxed environment… a place for men to come and relax, chat with others and share a cuppa.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Parramatta District Men’s Shed, have a look at the about page, or read some of the latest news. You can also have a look at some of the projects the men of our shed have been getting up to. As well as this, you could have a read through some of the tutorials the men of the shed have shared. If you’re then interested in having a look around our shed, or signing up as a member, get in contact with us. We’d love to hear from you!