Chicken Coup DELIVERED


  Delivery to Courtlands of chicken coup

Courtlands Retirement Village contains a wing for Dementia patients, So as part of their care, staff at Courtlands decided to see how a Chicken Coup would work as an activity.

Courtlands approached our shed to build a custom coup. A couple of our men decide it would be a great challenge …. one of the men having never built anything like this previously. So after some plan drawing and minor changes from Courtlands’ “Sherene Noble” the project started.

After several months of steady work and some head scratching the men finished the coup to the absolute delight of Sherene …..

  Final resting place

Patients can view from their lounge area

  Patients can see the coup from the lounge area








Courtlands are so excited with their new chicken coup and will be introducing chickens to their new home quickly.

ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL outcome thanks to wonderful group of volunteers having fun!!!!!