Custom Jewellery Box

Susannah's Jewelery Box

Susannah’s Jewellery Box

From our Parramatta Farmer’s Market stall, our shed received a request to build a Custom Jewellery Box for Susannah.

One of our resident experienced box makers and a couple of our keen shed members formed a team and created a master piece for Susannah.

Susannah's Artwork for lid

Susannah’s Artwork for lid

There was a combination of several different timbers, but the really unique item was a Pyrographic imprint of an Australian Gum tree on the lid of the box. A working sketch was provided by Susannah and our our resident artist …. Frank …. went to town and came up with a fabulous final product.


Susannah's Jewlery Box Completed

Susannah’s Jewellery Box Completed

Susannah's Jewlery Box Internals

Susannah’s Jewellery Box Internals

Our shed, as a result of this work has is running a box making course for our members who want to learn the art.

What a fabulous outcome ……. THANK YOU PARRAMATTA MARKETS for leading our shed to this opportunity ….

And THANK YOU SUSANNAH for being patient and then very excited with the final product.