PDMSInc winner of Grill’d LOCAL donation

Grill'd parramatta LOCL winnerGrill’d LOCAL donation

“Grill’d” burger bar in church street Parramatta runs monthly “LOCAL” competitions. Grill’d donates a total of $500 to three local organisations each month, with $300 to most liked organisation. The clients choose the winners by dropping bottle tops into three jars represneting each organisation. In the month of January PDMSInc was one of the contenders.

Thanks to our kind supporters who frequent Grill’d and purchased meals there (for which they recieve a bottle top) and voting for our Men’s shed. PDMSInc were fortunate enough to be nominated the most favoured for January …… read the Grill’d notification here

HOW GOOD IS THAT ……… thank you Grill’d and our followers ……. whooo hooooo.

This donation will go towards some equipment for the shed members.